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Athletic Committee Accepts Milford Post 59 Bid

The Athletic Committee has accepted Milford Post 59's bid to host the 2022 Department Sr. Championship Tournament. The Tournament will be held at Fino Field, Milford, MA beginning on  Saturday, July 23, 2022 and running through Wednesday, July 27, 2022. The Department will also host its All Star Games at Milford's Fino Field later that week. Look for more information to follow.

Athletic Committee Solicits Bids for 2022 Department Tournaments

The Athletic Committee is soliciting Bids to host the 2022 Junior  Department Championship Tournament and the Chairman's Cup Tournament. Interested bidders should submit their Bid to Chairman Paster as soon as possible.  Questions should be addressed to the Chairman.

Proposed National Rule Changes for 2022

The  National Baseball Committee recommends the following Rule changes be adopted by the Americanism Division:

Rule 1.R.3. Pitching Rule - to remove the word “scheduled” from “multiple games scheduled on the same day” The word “schedule” makes the statement a little ambiguous and removing it clarifies the rule.
Rule 1.J. Fake Tag – to add and read “A fake tag is an act by a defensive player without the ball that - simulates a tag. A fake tag is considered obstruction.” This new rule is added for player safety and sportsmanship to prevent possible retaliation for applying a fake tag.
Rule 9.A. National Tournament Registration – to read “The department championship team must be certified to the National Americanism Commission by the authorized department baseball official no later than 11:59 p.m. July 30, 2022. However, departments that fly to regional sites must certify their department champion no later than 11:59 p.m. July 28.” This rule establishes the 2022 deadline date for departments to certify their department winner.
Rule 9.J.2. Suspended Games – add paragraph “2. Pitch Count Rule 1.R. applies to suspended games.” Adding this paragraph clarifies the pitcher’s availability to return as a pitcher in the event of a suspended game.
Rule 9.K. Minimum Active Players – to read “Teams with fewer than 12 players are permitted to bring up players registered on their affiliated Junior American Legion Baseball team roster to the senior team in order to have 12 players but may not transfer a player to exceed 12 players.” This clarifies the rule for coaches as to if and how to bring up Junior players to their senior team for national tournament play.

Weymouth Post 79 Junior Team Recognized by Red Sox

2021 Weymouth Post 79 Junior Team

The Boston Red Sox recognized Weymouth Post 79 Junior Team for winning the 2021 Region One Junior Tournament prior to the September 7, 2021, game at Fenway Park. Depicted is the team in front of the Left Field Wall prior to the game.

2021 Northeast Region One Tournament Champion

2021 Region One Tournament Champion Beverly Post 331

Congratulations to Beverly Post 331 for winning the 2021 Region One Tournament. Beverly defeated Rhode Island 6 to 5 in 8 innings in game 15 to win the Tournament. Beverly becomes the 4th consecutive Massachusetts' team to win the Tournament, joining Host Shrewsbury Post 397 (twice) and Braintree Post 86. Beverly will represent Massachusetts in the 2021 American Legion World Series which opens on Thursday,  August 12, 2021.  

Beverly Post 331, 2021 Senior Department Champion

Congratulations to Beverly Post 331 on winning its first ever Department Championship. Beverly defeated Milton in Game 14 of the 2021 Department Championship Tournament to win the Tournament. 

Opening Ceremony at the 2021 Region One Tournament

Franklin Post 75 2021 Chairman's Cup Tournament Champion

Franklin Post 75 2021 Senior Team

Congratulations to Franklin Post 75 on winning the 2021 Chairman's Cup Tournament. Franklin defeated Peabody in game 14 of the Tournament 6 - 0 to win its first Department Senior Tournament.

The Department All Star Game will be at Brandeis University beginning on Saturday, August 14 with August 15, 2021 as the rain date.

Weymouth Post 79 is the 2021 Department Junior Tournament Champion

Weymouth Post 79 Jr Team

Congratulations to Weymouth Post 79 on winning the 2021 Department Junior Championship Tournament. 

How to find to an American Legion team

Players who have played American Legion Baseball in prior years must register, tryout and play for the last team they played for.  In certain instances, players who fail to make the team they last played for may request a Transfer from their team manager and, if granted, must register and tryout for the next closest Base School team to their parent's legal residence.  Players who are otherwise eligible for a Transfer may only obtain one Transfer during their American Legion eligibility.

Players who have not played American Legion Baseball in a prior year, with certain exceptions, must register and tryout for the Base School team closest to their parent's legal residence.  A player's legal residence is established as of March 31 of each year.  Players who do not attend the public high school serving their parent's legal residence, in most cases, have a one time option to play for the Base School team closest to their parent's legal residence or the Base School team closest to the school they attend.  Once this option has been exercised, it becomes final and binding for the remainder of their eligibility.   MapQuest is used to determine which Base School team is closest to a player's legal residence or closest to the school the player attends. For the list of Senior and Junior Base School teams, click on Programs, then Senior or Junior and Team List.

The recruiting rules are established by the National organization and can be confusing.  The rules are available on the National web site Specific questions may be addressed to the local District Chairman, (see the list of District Chairmen on the About Us tab) or to the Department Chairman, Dick Paster,

Link to Background Check & Abuse Training

Click the link to be taken to the Protect Youth Sports website to order your Massachusetts background check and take the abuse training course. You will have 14 days to complete the course and associated test after which you will have to start over.

Beverly Post 331 Honored by Governor Baker

The 2021 Post 331 team was recently honored at the State House by Governor Baker and received Citations from the Legislature recognizing their advancing to the American Legion World Series.

Athletic Committee names Diamond Baseball Official Baseball for 2022 through 2024 Seasons

The Athletic Committee has named Diamond Baseball model D1-AL-MA again as the only baseball authorized for use in Massachusetts during the 2022 through 2024 regular and post seasons. Diamond reports that there may be some supply problems in 2022 in which case the D1-AL ball may be used. The following retailers are direct retailers for Diamond Sports and may be contacted to obtain balls for the 2022 season:

On Deck Sports/Pro Mounds, Braintree
Tricon Sports, Lexinton
Grogan Marciano Sports, Mansfield
Beacon Sporting Goods, Quincy
Gibney's, Worcester
Butler's Sporting Goods, Hyannis
Piesco Sporting Goods, No Easton
Rockland Athletic, Rockland
Tri Valley Sports, Medway
NEATCO, Peabody
Whip's Sports, Springfield

Regional champions from the 2021 American Legion Baseball season were recognized at the American Legion Baseball Chairman's Conference in Indianapolis Sept. 24-26. Photo by Thomas Starnes.

2021 World Series All-Tournament Team

William Foglietta

Congratulations to William Foglietta (left) and Brennan Frost (below) of Beverly Post 331's 2021 World Series team for being named to the All-Tournament Team. Foglietta is a 2020 graduate of St Mary's High School and currently is a member of the Iron Workers Union working on projects at Logan Airport. Frost is a 2021 graduate of Beverly High School, is attending UMASS Amherst, studying Astrophysics.

Brennan Frost

Dan Fabrizio 2021 Graduate of the Year

Dan Fabrizio with Athletic Committee Chairman Dick Paster

Dan Fabrizio was named the 2021 Massachusetts Graduate of the Year by the Massachusetts Athletic Committee for his contribution to the success of American Legion Baseball. Dan held the position of Manager/Head Coach of the Braintree Post 86 Team for 28 years and now serves as the Post's Athletic Officer.  Dan was presented with the 2021 Graduate of the Year Plaque at the Department Championship Tournament by Athletic Committee Chairman, Dick Paster.


Left to right PNC Jake Comer, Evan McCarthy & Anthony Bambus

The winner of the 2021 John Lutinski Scholarship is Evan C. McCarthy, who plays for Leominster Post 151. The winner of the Region One National Scholarship is Anthony Bambus who plays for Plymouth Post 40. Both Scholarships were presented by Past National Commander Jake Comer at the 2021 Department Championship Tournament. 

In Memorium

Roger O. Gagnon, Past Chairman of the Department of Massachusetts Athletic Committee from 2010 to 2015, died on December 28, 2020. Roger served in the U.S. Navy during the Viet Nam War and served 30 years in the Massachusetts National Guard. Prior to becoming Chairman of the Athletic Committee, Roger was Vice Chairman  and Member of the Committee.

Dick Paster

Dick Paster

Department Athletic Committee Chairman. 1212 Hancock Street, Suite 110, Quincy, MA 02169

Phone: 617 472-3424

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